Hardness test

Hardness test

Hardness test

Hardness testing is one of the most widely used methods in mechanical materials testing and is used to evaluate material properties such as strength, toughness and wear resistance, as well as the behavior of a material under certain stresses. Hardness is defined as the mechanical resistance that a material offers to the mechanical penetration of a harder test device.

Hardness test

Our hardness tests in detail

  • Hardness test according to Brinell, EN ISO 6506-1
  • Hardness test according to Vickers, EN ISO 6507-1
  • Hardness test according to Rockwell, EN ISO 6508-1*

*not included in the scope of accreditation

test labor accredited according to EN ISO 17025

Accreditation according to EN ISO 17025

A comprehensive number of tests at ernelab are accredited by the Austrian accreditation body "Akkreditierung Austria" according to EN ISO 17025.

A detailed description of the scope of the examination can be found below. You can view our accreditation certificate under downloads.

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