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Erne Fittings produces over 5,000 items in various dimensions, materials, and wall thicknesses. Today, approximately 3,000 different products are stocked. Our products are used in many applications, including in the oil and gas industry, and in power plant construction.



An elbow is a connecting piece with a specific bending radius used to connect two pipes of the same diameter. A distinction is made between different bending radii (Long Radius, Short Radius, R=3D, R=5D) and segments (45°, 90°, 180°).



A reducer is a connecting piece that forms the transition between two pipes of different diameters. Reducers are available as an excentric or concentric fitting.



A tee is a connecting piece that enables an existing connection to branch-off. It connects three pipes of the same or different diameters. We differentiate between equal and reduced tees.

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The production program describes which products we manufacture in which dimensions and materials, and in accordance with which standards.

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