La Hague

La Hague nuclear reprocessing plant

Since 2018, Erne Fittings has been supplying large volumes of pipe fittings, produced at our factory in Mürzzuschlag, for the nuclear fuel reprocessing plant in La Hague in northern France.

The plant, which is operated by Orano (previously Areva), is one of the largest nuclear fuel reprocessing plants in the world. Reprocessing plants use chemical and physical processes to extract reusable radioactive fission and activation products from spent nuclear fuel. Plutonium and some uranium can be recycled as fresh fuel, and any remaining radioactive waste then processed further and disposed of.

There are two plants in operation at the La Hague site, which are specially designed for reprocessing oxide fuel from light water reactors. The plants, which have been running since 1976, can process around 1700 tonnes of spent fuel per year and recycle up to 96% of the material. As well as reprocessing fuel for the 58 nuclear power plants in France, La Hague also recycles material from plants in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands.

As part of the European Economic Interest Grouping GNMS (Global Nuclear Metal Supply), Erne Fittings was commissioned at the start of 2018 to supply fittings for the expansion work taking place at the La Hague nuclear reprocessing plant. To date it has supplied elbows, tees, reducers and caps from DN15 to DN250, in the following materials: P265GH, 1.4306 and 1.4404.

All the products are produced using cold forming procedures at our factory in Mürzzuschlag in south-east Austria, in line with the customer’s individual specifications. These specifications require that all the fittings meet the Areva Standards, which have been modified specifically for this project, including limits on chemical analyses, specific measurement tolerances and specialist tests. Another quality assurance and quality management requirement is that we follow an ‘Inspection Matrix’, which must be stamped and signed by an authorised staff member at each stage in the production process. There are also special surface finishes and specific markings for the nuclear industry that we must apply, as well as particular requirements for packaging and delivery that we must follow. 

We are extremely proud to be involved in this project and delighted that the customer trusts in the quality of our products for such a critical application. 


Erne News V05 / 2020