Fadhili Gas Plant

Our products in use: Fadhili gas plant

Erne Fittings has been supplying butt-weld fittings for Saudi Aramco for many years and therefore provided the majority of the pipe fittings for the Fadhili greenfield project in Saudi Arabia.

The elbows, reducers and tees in ASTM A234-WPB and ASTM A420-WPL6 were delivered to Tecnicas Reunidas, the EPC contractor for the project. A key consideration when selecting the materials for the project was that the fittings were for applications involving both sweet gas and sour gas.

The Fadhili gas plant is located 30 km west of Jubail (the site of our own plant) and is a key component of Saudi Arabia’s future ‘Master Gas System’. Together with the two other gas plants that make up the system – Wasit and Midyan – Fadhili is intended to fulfil the country’s increasing energy demand. By expanding its gas production and gas supply, the kingdom plans to increase its sales gas capacity from 9.3 bcf/d1 in 2015 to 12.2 bcf/d in 2021.


1bcf/d = billion cubic feet per day

Erne News V04 / 2020