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Erne Insights

Erne Insights provides you with more information about our products and technology as well as backround knowledge about projects.

#Company: How Erne became a one-stop-shop for butt-weld fittings.

#Products & Projects: Nuclear fuel reprocessing plant La Hague, France

#Technology: How to turn a pipe into a tee using cold forming.

#Products & Projects: 42" elbows for the Whistler Pipeline in the USA.

#Products & Projects:  Pipe fittings for the Fadhili greenfield project in Saudi Arabia.

#Company: How to move a bending press from Schlins to Saudi Arabia.

#Company: Expansion of the elbow production at Erne Fittings Middle East

#Products & Projects: Rotors for Pumpenfabrik Wangen GmbH.

#Products & Projects: Fittings for the groundbreaking fusion experiment ITER.

#Quality: ernelab for destructive tests - accredited according to EN ISO 17025

#Company: New production facility for heat treatment in Schlins.

#Company: New production facility for heat treatment in Schlins.

#Technology: How the hamburg bending process works.

#Products & Projects: 10D elbows for the gas pipeline FGL 32 in Germany.

#Products & Projects: Fittings from UNS N06625 for special applications with risk of corrosion.

#Products & Projects: Fittings from Inconel 625 used in the Safaniya offshore oil field in Saudi Arabia.