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28. Jan 2021

PR "2021 New Management and Momentum"

The traditional Vorarlberg Company has been headquartered in Schlins for 101 years – and in the future that should continue.

Over the past year Erne Fittings has undergone a company restructure. In May 2020, Matthias Kaufmann, joined the company as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The leadership was further strengthened with the addition of CFO Bernd Klemisch. With its new core leadership in place, the well-established Vorarlberg based company aims to re-establish its connection to the region. Matthias Kaufmann is a native of Vorarlberg and Bernd Klemisch is originally from Lindau, but has lived in Vorarlberg with his family for over 20 years.

Long term, the Schlins based headquarters, which is currently situated in the town center will be relocated, along with the production, and administrative departments to a second location within the Schlins industrial area. Although the relocation project has been postponed due to Covid-19, and the associated challenging economic situation, the relocation planning, which includes the moving of individual production lines continues in earnest.

Acceptance room for stainless steel and nickel-alloy products

Furthermore, last year Erne Fittings invested in a separate acceptance room for stainless steel and nickel-alloy products. The investment was made based on the needs of our customers, specifically the requirement for a clean-space for products requiring a high degree of purity. Due to the use of graphite as a lubricant during the production process, cleanliness has been an issue. The segregated room now enables a simpler and more efficient acceptance process for our customers, in addition to reducing the workload on our employees.

In addition to the new management, individual departments have also been reorganized. The sales department was restructured. Manuel Bachner, previously Head of Quality at Erne Fittings, is now responsible for all sales. The aim of the restructuring is to make internal processes more efficient, and to shorten decision-making paths in order to better meet customer needs. As part of the reorganization, personnel changes were also made. "Of course, the Covid-19 crisis did not spare us, and jobs were unfortunately lost," says Matthias Kaufmann. "Nevertheless, I believe that with our restructuring and measures, we can steer Erne Fittings in the right direction and secure the sites in Schlins and Mürzzuschlag with a good 300 employees in the long term."

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