News > Millions to be invested at Erne Fittings

23. Mar 2017

Millions to be invested at Erne Fittings

Metal company Erne Fittings, based in Schlins, Austria, is set to invest a total of 18 million euros over the next few years as it expands its locations in Austria and abroad, Austrian press agency Wirtschaftspresseagentur reports.

Erne Fittings plans to increase its production site close to the motorway in Schlins, Austria, by 2500 square metres by the end of 2017. Preparations for the construction work are already underway, according to CEO Thomas Smetana.

30 jobs created in Schlins

A total of 30 new jobs are set to be created in Schlins, when Erne Fittings relocates its plant in Lohne in Lower Saxony, Germany, which currently employs 50 staff. Machinery and equipment from Lohne is going to be moved to Schlins. Erne Fittings is also going to move its headquarters from the centre of the village to the site by the motorway, which means an extra 2500 square metres of production space needs to be created.

Moreover, Erne Fittings is keen to invest in its overseas locations in the near future, with plans to increase capacity at its Saudi Arabia factory by mid 2018.