Positive Result in 2017

12. Nov 2018

Erne Fittings with positive result in 2017

After turbulent years, Erne Fittings has once again generate profit in 2017. With earnings before taxes of around one million euros and sales of around 80 million euros, Erne Fittings is more than satisfied. For 2018, the management expects a further increase in the results.

The goal is to become even more innovative and efficient over the next few years. Optimization processes were already carried out on all sides in 2017, which included the closure of the Lohne plant. At the same time, several million euros were invested in the expansion of the production hall in Schlins and the new logistics center in Houston, USA. In 2019, the product range at the Jubail site is to be extended to 24 inches. Furthermore, a new office building in Schlins is planned by 2021, and thus the relocation of the headquarters from the center to the edge of Schlins, for which a further six million euros are provided.