New Sales Structure

01. Sep 2020

New sales structure at Erne Fittings

On September 1st, Manual Bachner took over the position as Head of Sales at Erne Fittings GmbH. Going forward, our Area Sales Managers will be responsible for the various regions. For the American market, this will remain Sebastian Tschegg, and for the European market, Christian Rehmann. Michael Kremmel has taken over the key account support of Aramco projects and support of customers in the Asian market. Alexander Heimbeck is responsible for the newly created business unit “Nuclear Power.”

Manuel Bachner previously worked as Head of Quality Management at Erne Fittings, a position that has now been assumed by Kevin D'Souza. Before his position as quality manager, Manuel Bachner had already worked in sales for several years, most recently in the USA, in order to establish the location there. With Manuel Bachner, we have been able to win a long-standing Erne employee as the new manager of our sales division.