Aramco Recertification and Approval of 42" elbows

09. Mar 2021

Successful approval up to 42-inch elbows at Saudi Aramco

Erne Fittings received renewed and expanded approval from Saudi Aramco in January 2021.

Erne Fittings has been a certified and approved supplier of butt-weld fittings to Saudi Aramco (Aramco for short) since 1997. The company, headquartered in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, is currently the world's largest oil-producing corporation and is responsible for about ten percent of global crude oil production. Every three to five years, Aramco carries out audits to check whether its suppliers are complying with its high standards and requirements in terms of quality. An audit to renew the approval took place in Schlins from October 20-22, 2020. With this, Erne Fittings is now authorized to supply 42-inch elbows to Aramco.

Remote audit with Saudi Aramco

Due to Covid-19 travel restrictions, Aramco's auditors were unable to enter Austria, so an external auditor was hired and the responsible parties at Aramco joined via video. The three-day audit was divided into a Quality Assessment and a Technical Assessment. Erne Fittings had received and completed a questionnaire from Aramco in advance, which the auditors then checked on-site. For this purpose, individual areas such as quality, production or purchasing were reviewed by the external auditors. One component of the quality assessment was a tour of the plant, during which the auditors were given a detailed overview of the entire value chain. Everything from the incoming inspection of pipes and individual production steps to packaging and shipping was examined in detail. On the third day, the technical assessment took place. This part was primarily concerned with the question of whether the plant is capable of in-house manufacturing and testing of the products specified in the approval. To this end, the quality assurance measures as well as production machines and tools were inspected and evaluated in detail.

"We are proud to be part of the few certified suppliers for Saudi Aramco. This is an award for all our employees who work every day to produce premium quality butt-weld fittings," said Matthias Kaufmann, CEO of Erne Fittings GmbH. All Erne Fittings production sites in Schlins, Mürzzuschlag and Al-Jubail have approvals from Saudi Aramco. With the re-certification, the complete production program from ½ inch to 42 inches is now also approved. The certification renewal strengthens the partnership with Saudi Aramco and lays the foundation for further exciting projects in the future.