Always on the pulse

A day in the life of a mechatronics engineer at Erne Fittings

With a master's degree in mechatronics from the University of Applied Sciences in Dornbirn, Alberto Fernández Alonso has acquired interdisciplinary knowledge in the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science, and at his new Austrian employer, he is putting what he has learned into valuable use.

In order to further advance his career, the 34-year-old Spaniard made the decision to leave his hometown of O Rosal (Galicia) and move to Dornbirn. To deepen his knowledge, he completed a master's degree at the Dornbirn University of Applied Sciences in mechatronics with specializations in robotics, FEM (Finite Element Method) and structural and flow simulations.

The interdisciplinary course, with core competencies from no less than three different disciplines - mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science - was the perfect complement to his two bachelor's degrees in industrial engineering and mechanical engineering.

Alberto invested eight full years in his three courses of study, acquiring an unbeatable foundation of in-depth expertise. He has now been able to put this to use for a good seven months at his new employer, Erne Fittings in Schlins.


Alberto's specialty is robotics, a technology that deals with the design, creation, control, production and operation of robots.

In his current permanent position as "Technology & Innovation Manager", he has been given a lot of responsibility at Erne Fittings right from the start. Some of these responsibilities include, developing automation concepts, defining process parameters for optimal plant operation, and performing the necessary analyses and calculations to optimize existing production facilities.

"Although the decision-making for large investment projects does not lie with me, I have the responsibility to decide which products, technologies, IT resources, etc. would be best or most suitable for the project in question," Alberto explains. The effects of his decisions are immediately visible, says the 34-year-old, "they translate directly into productivity and quality improvements."

When asked if his career and profession require any special skills, Alberto is convinced that "with effort and perseverance, you can achieve anything,” he went on to add, “The most important thing is that you really like what you do every day, and that you have the motivation and the fighting spirit even when things don't go your way."

He concluded, “It is also important to be an open, friendly and outgoing person, but at Erne Fittings you have the best prerequisites there anyway. The working atmosphere is very positive, colleagues always have an open ear and, last but not least, if you have a new idea, everyone listens to you, and these are important prerequisites for a healthy working atmosphere in which a future full of opportunities is a living statement.


Technikland Vorarlberg 3/2021