Oil and Gas Applications: Upstream, Midstream, Downstream

Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry covers the research, extraction, refinement, transport, and sale of crude oil products. This sector can be divided into three main areas: upstream, midstream, and downstream. You will find a selection of our approvals under Quality.

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Upstream (On- & Offshore)

Upstream (on- & offshore)

The upstream requirement focuses on products used to extract, refine, and produce crude oil and natural gas. Erne Fittings delivers the products directly to the construction sites.

Midstream (Transmission)

Midstream (transport)

The midstream sector benefits from our warehouse in Austria. Thanks to our wide range of products and items held in stock, we can respond quickly to customer requirements.

Downstream (Chemical / Petrochemical)

Downstream (chemical / petrochemical)

In order to meet the demand of the downstream sector, Erne Fittings stocks pressure- and corrosion resistant products.