100 years - Premium Quality

Premium Quality


Erne Fittings is the world-leading manufacturer of premium butt-weld fittings for the approved market, including oil, gas, energy and chemicals.

Thanks to our independent in-house laboratory and unmatched approval standards, the quality of our products is 100% guaranteed. Our customers know that they can count on us, because for us quality, safety and expertise come first.



Premium Quality at Erne Fittings means


Complex requirements ask for highest levels of professionalism and safety.

Product Range

Passion and perfectionism for the production of premium quality butt-weld fittings worldwide.


All tests are accredited in line with EN ISO 17025 and can be run quickly and flexibly.

Approvals and Certifications worldwide

We have the most safety-related approvals worldwide and our international customers have given us a glowing review for many decades when it comes to meeting standards and specifications. The participation of Erne Fittings on many international standards committees confirm our professionalism and experience.