Die Geschichte von Erne Fittings spannt einen Bogen von der einstigen handwerklichen Kupferschmiede zum heutigen innovativen Fittings-Komplettanbieter mit einem topmodernen Logistikzentrum.

2023Start of relocation plant 1 in Schlins to plant 3
2022Relocation of sales office Houston and closing warehouse
2019Expansion of the production program at Erne Fittings Middle East
2019Outsourcing of the ELB-Form from the Erne Group and integration into the automotive divison REMUS-SEBRING Group
2018Opening of the new warehouse in Houston (USA)
2017Expansion of the production location at Josef Erne Street in Schlins (Austria)
2016Erne Fittings Group has been acquiried by Hans-Peter Haselsteiner (major STRABAG share holder) and Stephan Zöchling (Industry investor) and thus the tradition of a private Austrian enterprise could be preserved
2015Joined the Fight Fake Products initiative
2014Founding member of the Global Nuclear Metal Supply
2011The family holding Erne Group GmbH is established
2011Complete takeover of Erne Fittings Middle East Co. Ltd.
2008FORM Group becomes a wholly owned subsidiary / Commissioning of the new production hall in Obere Au
2006Erne Fittings Middle East Co. Ltd. founded
2004Sales office established in Shanghai
2003High-rack warehouse expanded
2002Erne Fittings Inc., Houston founded
2001Acquisition of Siekmann Fittings GmbH & Co. KG
1997ELB-Form, Vandans, founded as a joint-venture with Vorarlberger Illwerke AG
1992High-rack warehouse built in the Schlins logistics center
1988Acquisition of the plant in Mürzzuschlag from VEW
1984Prematerial warehouse built on Josef-Erne-Straße in Schlins
1920Company founder Josef Erne starts out as a coppersmith in Schlins